Tips and Tricks

Bead Storage
I have been looking for an easy and inexpensive way to store my beads. Yesterday I looked at J's and didn't see anything that caught my eye, so I went to Target and found these tupperware containers in the food storage isle, and then in the plastic storage area I found the larger container. Well I made sure the little ones fit inside the big one. They did and momma was a happy camper. Last night I came home and sorted my beads by color. Need to five more cups to fill the bigger box, but I love how it turned out. Oh and cost: $17

Tim Holtz Film Strip Ribbon
Okay I have a tip to share with u all...
I love love love the Tim Holtz Film Strip Ribbon, but was having a hard time getting it to adhere to anything, then my one little brain cell kicked in and said use .5 inch double sided sticky tape (the one with the red cover). It made it go on so easily and it even made the fact that this acetate likes to curl manageable. Here is a layout I did using it.  ~Anne

Cuttlebug Plates

Hey Patchers, awhile back someone asked about what to do about our cuttlebug plates. Well, I have been thinking a lot on this issue, since I use mine a lot. Well, I decided to try sanding my plates down some, and sure enough, if you first take a med grit sand block and sand both sides in a circular motion, you will take out some of the deeper cuts in the plastic. Then you use a finer grit block and sand in a circular motion. This smooths it out. Clean with some warm soapy water and let dry. You may have to use a shem, but it should save u some money. HTH Anne-Therese Cermola Luper

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